In June 2001, at the age of eleven Bogdan, his younger sister and their mother arrived in Rome where Bogdan’s father had settled and the family was finally reunited. Bogdan spent his adolescence, devoting himself to school and boxing. His passion for drawing and colors yet ever-present took new form and developed into creating graffiti.

At the age of 21, Bogdan decided to move to Florida to continue his studies in aviation. After failing badly, back in Rome Bogdan was determined to pave a path for himself first tempting it in Spain then Holland and eventually finding himself in Helsinki, Finland. Finally finding peace, space and time Bogdan immersed himself wholeheartedly into his art. Immortalizing his memories, feelings, and emotions on canvas.

Bogdan considers himself a contemporary artist, 360 influenced. 

"My Art is a dynamic combination of styles, methods, materials and concepts. Art does not have a proper rule. It’s a combination of purposes, visions, and prosperities. What is real will prosper. It's just emotionally pure!"

Bogdan Lupu was born in Panciu, a small town in eastern Romania 5 months after
the revolution which took place in December 1989. He spent his childhood split between the countryside and the town where his parents tried to restore financial balance and tranquility for the family after the revolution. His mother worked in a textile factory while his father, a former soldier, and electrician looked for new horizons and opportunities in Western Europe, eventually settling in Italy.

During the time spent in the countryside with his grandparents, Bogdan developed immense respect and love for nature.
In Panciu, Bogdan spent a lot of time on his own, while his mother worked. He started drawing and discovering the world of colors that ended up filling his days. The roughness of the town with its concrete blocks dominating the landscape, Bogdan experienced a great sense of animosity. Insecurities and fears ran high in the community that was still heavily influenced by communism, and social life was extremely unstable while the democratic political system was being established.


About the artist

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